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"Sylvia LeRahl knows how to captivate an audience and keep them hanging on her every word, and she does it with a deftness that makes the process appear seamless. She churned out just the right marketing copy for my website and helped encourage new members to join my membership program."

~ Mike Dillard, The Elevation Group

"Sylvia is a MASTER when it comes to membership sites. I have used what she has taught me and implemented her content strategy, and within two months my profits literally doubled! I also saw a huge leap of members - the site went from 42 members to 208 in just three weeks. AMAZING! Member retention has steadily increased ever since working with her. I highly recommend hiring Sylvia LeRahl of Membership Fix to blow up your KPI's!"

~ Nanci Lee, Away We Go Travel

"If you are a coach and are considering starting a membership site business, or if you have a membership site and you want to grow or keep the members you have, you need Sylvia. Sylvia is an expert in her field and gives you a customized strategy you won’t find during your internet research. Her advice has paid for itself seven times already in the first month of implementation. I highly recommend Sylvia!"

~ Robin Sargent, Idol Courses

"If you want to make a bigger impact on the world AND increase your income tenfold, you need to hire Sylvia LeRahl. She knows the intricacies of membership sites unbelievably well, and she clearly loves teaching those skills to others. She understands everything there is to know about churn, growth, engagement, and retention -- as evidenced by her work with me.

Look, I used to think my career was at a dead end. 

How wrong I was! Sylvia of Membership Fix quickly put me straight. She took the time to walk me through what was possible (helping me see potential) and then she guided me to a $200k membership site in less than a year. She was patient, yet clear in her expectations. She demanded more of me through her coaching program than I've ever experienced...and as a result, I saw fantastic results!

If you're serious about expanding your coaching (or any other) business, Sylvia offers a premium service! Don't hesitate to hire her and her team; you will grow more in 8 weeks than you ever thought possible."

~ Heith Kelly, Kelly's Automotive Coaching

"I've bought way too many coaching programs to count. I'm embarrassed to admit it, actually. Yet there was something different in the Membership Fix presentation that made me want to give coaching one more go. I AM SO GLAD I DID!

It took me a little longer than the 8 weeks to get everything completed, yet when I did, I cried happy tears! I was ready to launch within four months of meeting Sylvia and her team, and I was well above my anticipated income goals right away.

I went from a one-on-one coaching business to leading a thriving community of women who pay premium prices for my services. I'm so glad to be done with the hustle, the unpredictable income, the exhaustion.

Thank you, Sylvia LeRahl, and the whole Membership Fix team!

~ Leslie M., Women Who Run
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